Optical Imaging Systems can work with your company as an imaging partner.                                       

Don't have an imaging system? - Let us design your application and service scan for you.  We install the results on your PC or network system and train your people to use our software for retrieval and printing.

Want an in-house solution? - Some of our service customers elect to go in-house.  We can provide the necessary hardware, software, and your existing database.  We can then teach your staff the entire process.

Have an extreme backfile to convert? - Let us scan and provide raw images in either TIFF or PDF format for import into any imaging system.  We can provide matching keys in the form of a database or flat text file.

Converting between imaging systems? - We have the technical programming expertise to provide fully automatic file to file conversions between imaging systems.  A feat most imaging companies will not attempt.

Need on-site scanning? - Optical Imaging Systems is one of the few companies in our area that provide this service.


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Last modified: 04/07/08